JNB Holding Company is a film production company focused on presenting films that raise awareness about global issues in our world today, captivating audiences with 4K HD films.

JNB Holding Company (JNB Holding) is a Texas-based film production company that specializes in producing visually-dynamic high production value documentaries with subject content geared toward the interests of the general public. In addition, our subsidiary Freedom Flag Productions generates and produces dramatic and powerful independent full-length feature films with audience appeal and production value that equals those produced by major studios.

JNB Holding  is a young, ambitious company dedicated to bringing a fresh and inventive approach to film projects.  We currently have three films slated for production: the documentary "Energizing Our World" is in production and scheduled to begin post-production in June 2014; a feature length film titled "Sun in the Night Sky" is in pre-production and anticipated for production in 2014, and another feature-length film is in development.

8553 Beach Street #258 - Keller, TX  78244

817-800-8244 – jnb@jnbholdingfilms.com


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