President and Executive Producer Joni Bounds started JNB Holding Company (JNB Holding) with two goals in mind.

The first goal is to be an innovative filmmaker and deliver films of substantial merit such that sponsors are proud to be associated with, projects that reflect positively on their organization and industry.  Her second, and equally important goal is to produce films that make a real contribution to the lives of the viewers. 

Continued success will provide opportunities for JNB Holding to donate a portion of the proceeds from the films to organizations and groups associated with the topic of the film.  Although JNB Holding has only been completely functioning as a film production company since 2012, the overwhelming positive response to the company's projects is beyond--or--exceeds expectations.

In "Energizing Our World", Joni has worked with award winning, veteran documentary film director and producer Susan Sember (The Gathering, Red Tide Refrain, Guardians of the Gulf and IMAX/3D Blue Whale Journey and IMAX/3D Oceans of Change), and Director of Photography Robert Settlemire (Underwater Director of Pirates of the Caribbean and Life of Pi). 

In association with many organizations, JNB has been instrumental in partnering with world leaders and participating in events garnering new insights for a global audience.

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